As cafes, restaurants and bars begin to open to a limited number of customers again, innovative Italian restaurants are realising state-sanctioned social distancing measures are providing their customers with an experience they’ve craved as far back as they can remember.

The need to observe social distancing in dine-in venues has led to Italian restaurants offering a Mob Boss style dining experience for the savvy gangster film enthusiast.

One such enthusiast is history teacher Greg Tognelini (59) who despite not being able to shake hands with the venue owner upon entry, feels like a veritable Don as he sits at an isolated lamplit table.

“I’m gonna bribe them to put The Godfather soundtrack on!” squeaked Tognelini as he folded a $5 note between his thumb and forefinger.

“An offer they can’t refuse! Ah ah ah!”

While many Italian restaurants have seen an increase in business amongst mob movie lovers, venue owners state there has been a spike in unusual customer requests such as wanting to change tables as a power move and requesting entry and exit through the back of the venue.

“They keep pinching my cheek,” stated Valentine La Margarhetti, owner of Flight Path District restaurant La Forchetta.

“I remember all their faces.”


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