Scott Morrison is believed to be on his way back from Hawaii after buying the last seat on a flight from Honolulu. The prime minister is expected to land in Sydney this evening.

Where he will likely get another flight to as many photo opps as possible, after covering his eyes and ears to this national emergency for an entire month.

It comes just after Mr Morrison was been pictured relaxing in Hawaii just hours after he said he would come home ‘as soon as I can’ organise a flight from one of the biggest airports in the Pacific.

As of this afternoon, one person has been killed in the Cudlee Creek bushfire in the Adelaide Hills.

The Gospers Mountain ‘megablaze’ continues to close in on Western Sydney, with up to 2000 homes destroyed across NSW and QLD.

Meanwhile a fire-generated thunderstorm has formed over two emergency warning level fires in the Shoalhaven region. The RFS warns a similar thunderstorm could form over the Gospers Mountain fire.

While the Fire Fighters Union, and literally every other emergency services are calling for leadership from the Prime Minister – so far all the nation has been met with is and abundance of his creepy Hillsong ‘thoughts and prayers’.

However, Murdoch’s newspapers and Sky News are tonight reporting a very different story, and have praised the Prime Minister for finding the empathy to cut his resort holiday short by 45 minutes to come back to Australia and meet with the plebs.


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