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Fresh from making a fool of himself, the Prime Minister has put his hands on another bushfire victim this morning.

Scott Morrison is currently at a bushfire relief centre near Batemans Bay, where he’s talking to people affected by the fires as well as the teams tasked with getting these fires under control.

Our local member, David Littleproud, is also down there to provide supportive head nods and pensive handshakes.

His team, who have honestly shit the bed big time over the past few weeks, rolled in a medium-sized flat-screen television into the middle of the relief centre’s canteen and turned on Channel Seven.

As the first ball of the last Test Match of the summer was bowled this morning in Sydney, Scott Morrison grabbed the head of a bushfire victim and forced them to watch it.

“How good is this?” hissed the Prime Minister.

“Don’t look away! Look at David Warner watch the ball onto the bat! Look how he shows us the stickers! That’s the hallmark of a great cover drive, showing the camera the stickers,”

Scott grunted.

“Keep watching! It’s only going to get better. Will Wagner get Smith out again? Who knows! Keep watching! How good’s this fucking cricket! I don’t even know the rules but I fucking love it!”

Mr Littleproud started to look visibly nervous, wondering if now was the time to step in and stop the Prime Minister putting his hands on another bushfire victim without consent.

Ultimately, he looked at the Prime Minister’s head of security, who read the room enough to move Scott on before he had a repeat of his visit to Cobargo.

David agreed to speak to The Advocate ‘off the record’ upon his return to our state’s west later in the week.

More to come.


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