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The Prime Minister flew into Orange today, in Central West New South Wales, to say a couple words before flying back home to Sydney

Scott Morrison spoke to journalists out the front of The Parkview Hotel this afternoon. He was expected to talk about the drought and how many communities are about to run out of water but he didn’t.

“Yeah,” he said.


He then left the reporters huddled under the verandah of Orange’s best pub and got back in his BMW.

Scott reportedly made one more stop at the Pizza Hut down the road before making tracks for the Spring Hill airport.

Staff at the town’s last all-you-can-eat food stop say Scott got a Hawaiian for himself and two garlic breads for his bodyguards.

And upon learning he was about to use the same airport Elton John used for his show in Bathurst the other day, Scott put his hands out for said bodyguard to sanitise with a mixture of Domestos and Holy Water.

More to come.


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