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Egg is on the face of every major news media outlet this afternoon because Scott Morrison put to bed rumours he’s in Hawaii on holiday by visiting a Blue Mountains community recently devasted by bushfire.

The Prime Minister visited the Bilpin, Mount Tomah and Mountain Lagoon areas after lunch today to see first hand what state and federal coalition policy has helped cause.

“It’s breathtaking,” said the Prime Minister.

“I’m praying for these communities. They need our help and Australians need to dig deep to support these brave people,”

“Please donate to the Red Cross Appeal. I’m personally donating $100 to get things going. Thank you, I won’t be taking any questions right now as a mark of respect to the people who’ve lost everything.”

Mr Morrison finished by saying he expects a retraction and apology from the news stations and papers who reported he was in Hawaii and that Smooth-hands McCormack was left as the Acting Prime Minister.

More to come.


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