A local Ford Raptor Driver has taken to social media today to let everyone know that he has unleashed the beast.

The recently dumped emotionally unavailable bloke from Betoota Heights has posted a heart warming story on Instagram of him letting out his primal roar.

Brayden Williams (34) posted the story earlier this week, after heading off to some extremely costly retreat in the hills to uncork the man within him.

The man who frequently posts extremely hurtful and offensive things in the comment section of social media attended the retreat as part of his new found crusade to bring awareness to the mental health, of men.

While the woefully underfunded mental health system struggling across the country, Brayden has recently become fixated on white men like himself being the forgotten victims.

Often trying to make his mates life by filming one of the ‘junkies’ on his street who clearly has a mental health condition, Brayden says he’s trying to encourage other blokes like him to work on themselves.

Not by trying to be a kinder person or giving up some of his crippling habits like sports betting, Bondi marching powder or frequent binge drinking sessions – but by doing a few cold plunges and yelling at a waterfall.

The chippy explained to The Advocate that one of the major issues with men’s mental health is that ‘men are being forced to repress themselves and submit themselves to a life of sustained soft handed domestic mediocrity.’

Despite being known as one of the guys who used to bully kids at school and frequently leads the charge to belittle and fuck with the apprentices, Brayden says he just wants blokes to be able to speak up and unleash their potential.

So that’s why he recommends lashing out at those around you because of your own insecurities, refusing to do anything to sustainably work on your mental health, and simply going and shouting at a waterfall once every few months.

More to come.


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