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Passengers aboard the Betoota Shire Council gravy train have pulled up stumps for this year, they say, telling The Advocate this afternoon that if anybody was hoping to do business with the council over the next few days, it’s “best to wait until next year”.

One local resident planning on filing a development application today was told this year was basically a write-off.

Dexter Hargrave, of Nearside Cresent in North Betoota, said he was doing the right thing by council after putting an attic in his Federation home some six years ago.

“I’m only putting an application in because I’m planning on selling it next year. I don’t need some no-chin from the council giving me grief over an unauthorised attic. I just don’t,”

“So I went down the council in town today with my DA and the lady behind the desk just laughed at me. She said if I wanted someone to look at my DA before Christmas, I should’ve submitted it in August,”

“Honestly, it’s enough to make a bloke drive a 10T truck full of fertilizer under the council and blow the festering fucking palace of corruption halfway to Bangkok! Jesus Christ! Tell you what, if I see the Mayor crossing the street of a dark night, I’m knocking the Patrol back into third and flooring it! Fucking boink! A real meaty clang like you hear after hitting a big red bastard at a rate of knots! I’m fucking wild! I’ll fucken do that cunt in! I’ll eat his fucking cock, I’ll bash his fucking head in. Fucking prick!”

The Advocate reached out to the Betoota Shire Council for comment but received an out-of-office email from each person on the contact list.

More to come.


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