There isn’t a shred of regret or shame emanating from Emily, Julie or Annabel tonight as they sit perched at a bar in Betoota’s recently trendy Latino district, with the girls nearly buried by a line-up of 20 cocktails.

The industrious girls aren’t your problem drinkers, they’re just making the most of the bar’s 2 for 1 cocktail deal during happy hour, and as the clock sits right now, it’s just ended.

The happiness of happy hour isn’t over for the girls though, with at least 4 espresso martini’s, 2 piña coladas, 4 margaritas, 2 coconut margaritas, 2 cookies and cream looking things and 6 cosmo’s all begging to be drunk.

“Ahh we’re so smart!” Emily laughed to the girls.

“I know! I can’t believe we are the only ones here with a mountain of cocktails in front of us.”

“What is wrong with everyone else?”

It seems that there’s nothing wrong with the other people in the bar, rather they opted to be sensible and not pickle themselves in an alcohol concoction.

This doesn’t appear to bother the girls, having downed the piña coladas and now setting their eyes on the cookies and cream type drinks.

Although in good spirits at the time of press, tomorrow at 9 am may tell a different tale.

More to come.


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