Dubbo man, Craig Kouda (30) says he’d be lying if he didn’t say he was well and truly outside of his comfort zone at the Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras this weekend.

After landing himself a good city girl that works in fashion a few months back, the city based Agricultural lobbyist knew that a night out at the stadium was always going to be on the cards, as his missus always loves to show her support the festival.

“It going to be a hell of a show” he said, in the safety of his two bedroom apartment in Zetland.

“But yeah, I will probably get a few too many compliments for my liking”

“Surely not that many people appreciate a generic flanellete shirt. I just can’t help but think someone is gonna try and root me”

However, Craig’s girlfriend, Amy says he’s always a bit delusional about how well he would do in the gay community.

“He thinks every time I take him to one of these fashion events that the gay guys want a piece of him”

“Usually they are just secretly judging his use of a plaited belt on chino trousers… but he thinks they are sizing up his piece”

While walking through the thousands of partygoers at the Sydney Cricket Ground, Amy says Craig’s grip on her hand was like a vice.

“Bless him. He really is trying to be open-minded, but I can feel how clammy those hands were”

“He eased up when he realised how many half-naked girls there were there, but then he got a little bit tense again when he realised some of them were blokes.”

Craig claims that he won’t be at all overcome by the sexual freedom being championed on over twenty floats.

More to come.


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