A man that could earn himself tens of millions of dollars if he ever decided to spend 6 months in and out of hotel rooms and private jets, says there’s no way he’ll do that, not even for a million bucks!

Newcastle rock star and former frontman of Silverchair, Daniel Johns has this week reiterated that he does not feel the desire to tour live again.

Forming as teenagers in 1992, Silverchair toured extensively around the world and released five studio albums before disbanding in 2011 to focus on solo projects.

Since that day, low-rent music journalists have been salivating over the possibility of them getting back together.

However, while promoting his new podcast Who Is Daniel Johns? on The Project this week, the lead vocalist reconfirmed his stance on the idea of getting the band back together.

“No” said Daniel Johns, who says he’s proud of the solo music he’s got coming out – and still doesn’t feel the need to perform his songs in front of a live audience.

In 2015, Johns had explained that he would only reform the band if he was offered a million bucks, or if there was a gun to his head. It would seem that his position has not changed.

“You don’t need to see it live — just listen” he said, making a pretty fair point.

In their 19 years together, Silverchair won more ARIA Awards than any other artist in history, earning 21 wins from 49 nominations, and selling over 8 million albums.

With an army of tens of millions of fans around the world who would still buy a ticket to an arena performance at the drop of a hat, Australians say they are unclear if Daniel is fully aware that reviving Silverchair would actually make quite a lot more than a million bucks.

Speaking to the Betoota Advocate today, Daniel Johns said of course he knows that.

“I know. Nowadays we could get like two, maybe even three million bucks. But yeah we’d have to do like 60 shows and sell a lot of T-shirts”

“It’d have to come with free booze in the rider too. Maybe we could cut a deal with the venues to take a percentage of ticket sales and the bar turnover”

At time of press, this journalist was pleading for Daniel Johns to please understand that he’s a world famous rockstar now, and no longer has to negotiate a payment for playing his music with the bistro manager of the Cardiff RSL.


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