Mark Zuckerberg has today finally given comment about the accusations of anti-Australian discrimination within the ranks of Facebook and Instagram.

This comes as the beloved cult meme account @browncardigan was deplatformed by Instagram after posting content the site deemed offensive, or possibly just too fucken funny.

Brown Cardigan was taken offline last night, creating a vacuum for feral bender videos and other funny shit on Instagram.

With a following of 680,000 followers on Instagram, Brown Cardigan is recognised as one of the few Australian content publishers that don’t bore their followers with politics or sportsbetting.

It is renowned for creating iconic Australian catch phrases like “Not Bhed” and “Ya Wanna Get DC’d Brah” and for it’s years of hard work publishing classic shit that tradies film while on the job, and other videos showing the wildly reckless stuff that young cunts do after a big night on the squirt.

However, it is believed Brown Cardigan’s content stream may have rattled the CEO of Facebook, with Zuckerberg giving comment about his decision to shut down the page down.

“I was looking at some of the videos and photos on there last night” he said.

“My initial though was, God has forgotten these people. I shut it down immediately”

His decision has been met with criticism from the Australian ambassador to America, Joe Hockey – a self-described Brown Cardigan die-hard.

“Haha. Seriously? They got banned?” said Hockey, speaking to reporters earlier today.

“That shit was so good. I used to love Munted Mondays…”

“Or that bloke that used to abuse Thurston every time they played at Leichardt Oval. Furssstoooon! Fuck that was funny”

“Fuck I can’t believe they got Zucc’d. Let me make a few calls”


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