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If you thought the escape in Shawshank Redemption prison was hard, you obviously haven’t tried to cancel your free trial at Foxtel. This is the agonising reality being faced by thousands of Australian Game of Thrones fans who signed up to Foxtel’s 30-day free trial in order to watch the last season of the critically acclaimed TV series.

The Advocate sat down Kristy Arthur as he tried, for the third time, to cancel her Foxtel subscription.

“Operator” she said immediately into the phone.

“Yeah, G,day, look I want to cancel my subscription”

“No! No, don’t transfer me!” she pleaded into the phone.

“Fuck! This is what they do, they just bounce you around to a million different call centres while they make up some bullshit reason why you can’t cancel” she explained to our reporter.

“Or the line just ‘happens’ to cut out”

“It’s an absolute rort”

After waiting on hold for 30 minutes Kristy found herself talking to someone who was skilled in the art of not understanding and finding a reason to keep you locked into the contract.

“Mmmm I’m sorry, the details you tell me over the phone do not match your profile. I can not cancel. Goodbye.”

Kristy was left staring blankly at his phone, her attempt at cancelling once again rejected.

In the weeks since Game of Thrones has finished, it’s believed that not one single person has successfully unsubscribed from Foxtel. We’ll keep an eye on this developing story and report if anyone manages to unsubscribe.

More to come.


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