Local inner-city NewsCorp journalist, Karina Motley, is one of those ‘good ones’ that you feel sorry for every time you read an Andrew Bolt column that humanises pedophiles, or a Miranda Devine tweet that vilifies people with disabilities.

Ever since childhood, Karina has made it her duty to uphold the 4th estate, and it’s just an unlucky part of the media landscape in 2020 that she can only ply her trade working for tax-avoiding white supremacists who hate scientists and immigrants.

But that’s the compromise.

She can usually take it in her stride. But not today.

Following the most recent racist cartoon published in the only nationally syndicated newspaper in Australia, Karina can no longer remain silent about the editorial direction of the company’s flagship mastheads.

Low-rent cartoonist Johannes Leak’s newest cartoon depicts Joe Biden, democratic nominee for President, introducing his new Vice President, Kamala Harris, to the nation.

“It’s time to heal a nation divided by racism,” Biden says in the cartoon. “So I’ll hand you over to this little brown girl while I go for a lie-down.”

Aside from being painfully unfunny, the cartoon has raised eyebrows across the organisation due to the fact that it is somehow almost more racist than the cartoons that Leak’s father used to publish.

Karina, like thousands of her other employees, worries this is not a good look for her employer – and that these type of cartoons only drive the cultural division that she spends hours each day attempting to blame Aboriginal protestors for.

In fact, Karina feels like these bi-monthly racist cartoons that continue to be published by her employers are starting to take away from her racist coverage of COVID-19.

“How am I going to get people to take my investigative reporting seriously with these kinds of cartoons in the newspaper”

“It was me and my hardworking colleagues that first published the rumour that a Muslim security guard fucked a quarantined traveller and caused the second wave”

“Sure, it’s since been disproven, but if it wasn’t for that rumour we might not have an inquest”

“The same goes for our stories about how a never proven COVID-19 cluster at the Black Lives Matters protests resulted in the spreading of the virus throughout North Melbourne’s public housing towers because that entire movement is made of degenerate immigrants and Indigenous bludgers who are too poor to not live in eastern bloc style houso flat so they deserve everything they get”

“Or even our earlier stories that racially profiled Chinese people and effectively crushed every small business in every Chinatown in the country, and fucked up our entire education sector by destroying our government’s diplomatic relations with the world’s strongest economy”

“I just feel so bad about this cartoon”

Karina took to Twitter this morning to distance herself from the pure nepotism that has manifested itself in the shape of 1950s-style cartoon racial bigotry in every news stand and cafe in the country this morning.

“Please don’t think that racist cartoon speaks for me or any of my other colleagues” tweeted Karina.

“I just want everyone to know that I’m putting a lot on the line here by speaking out against fairly blatant racism being peddled right around the country by my employer who has a track record of doing this and never stops doing this. Please think about me and people like me”

“It’s not like we can just, you, know, work together to stop it”


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