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Millions of Australians who live in the worst parts of our island have been surprised by seasonably cool temperatures this week.

However, there’s something different about the current weather system soaking the southeast part of the country.

While some have said it’s the coldest they’ve felt for years, confirmation this morning from the Bureau of Meteorology has all but suggested this is something of an extreme nature.

“In the past, we’ve had many Arctic blasts, cold snaps and Polar Vortexes,” said the Bureau’s Stephanie Collins.

“But this is something we’ve never seen before,”

“This weather system is an arctic blast, a cold snap and a polar vortex all rolled into one. Which is why we’ve seen chaos. Snow in Melbourne, like full-blown snow in Tasmania. It was like -14 degrees up in the hills in Tassie last night,”

“That’s fucked.”

More to come.


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