As the NRL season rolls ever closer, the Wests Tigers have once again thrown a big-money contract offer down on the table.

The club that has a mortgage on the 9th spot on the ladder, has reportedly reached out to the bloke who beat Tommy Turbo in a footrace, to dangle a huge carrot.

“Sources are telling me that an $800,000 a season offer has been made to the young man,” said some Daily Tele journo a short time ago.

The relatively unheralded player burst into the spotlight today, after lighting up the Manly Corso over the weekend.

In some grainy footage that has surfaced on news websites and social media, the exciting talent torches the Manly fullback Tom Trbojevic over a decent enough sprint.

While the incident has unfortunately resulted in Tommy T doing his hammy – which was previously blamed on an ‘unfortunate shower incident’ – it means his opponent might have struck gold.

The young man has yet to respond to the offer but it’s believed he will inevitably sign for another club for less money.

More to come.


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