Blake Lamond has this week drawn a line in the sand.

The Betoota Mutts Reserve Grader has informed the Advocate today that he will no longer waste his time with ‘silly shit.’

The 124 game club man, who moved from the centres into the halves into the back row says he refuses to do any form of contact at training.

“You don’t take a Ferrari on a dirt road do ya?” said Lammond.

“So, I’m not going to risk taking a shot from some fired-up little colty who wants to prove a point.”

“My days of contact training are over.”

“I’ll put a shot on, on Saturdays no dramas.”

“But, I’m not throwing my body at fully grown men on a cold Tuesday night in the Channel Country cause we missed a few on the weekend.”

Lammond explained he has actually drawn inspiration from an unexpected source.

“I’m channeling a bit of Paul Gallen,” he said.

“I go so hard on the weekend that the body is too battered for training during the week,” he laughed.

“So, I’m zipping up my tracksuit and talking shit to the coach on the sidelines.”

“I’m not bothering coming up with some bullshit excuse about my hammy, or shoulder or knee.”

“I’m just not doing it. I’ve done my last contact session and that’s the end of it.”


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