In a damning report released earlier this morning, it has been confirmed that the last 7 weeks have been a complete waste of time for the nation’s cricket fans.

This comes after England somehow managed to lift the Cricket World Cup for the first time in its history, defeating New Zealand, the perennial bridesmaid’s of world cricket in a thrilling match.

England won the match in incredible style, after a super over failed to break the gridlock.

With both teams scoring 241 runs at the end of their innings, the Super Over which was supposed to decide the match ended in a draw too, leaving England the victors on some obscure ‘Most Boundaries Scored in The Innings’ Rule.

That result has lead the non-recruitment/agency people of Australia feeling like the last 7 weeks of build-up and expectation around the Cricket World Cup were a complete waste of time.

“England winning on home soil is the worst result possible for everyone involved outside of England,” said the lead researcher involved in the report.

“I mean, the nation of New Zealand have officially contacted the police regarding the Ben Stokes incident, wanting to press charges for a robbery, but it looks as if they aren’t interested in acting on the matter.”

“And let’s not get started on the appaling changes to the format of the tournament.”

“So as far as the rest of the country and cricketing world is concerned, let’s just forget the last 7 weeks every happened.”

More to come.


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