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National Rugby League follower and lifelong Canberra Raiders supporter Justin Gillespie (28) stated he will be taking a break from discussing NRL during the off-season to delve into other conspiracy theories instead.

After seeing his team finish in the concession free top ten in 2018, Gillespie stated the secret NRL plot to keep his team out of finals football is the reason why he will be turning away from the league to spend more time discussing if fluoride should really be in our water.

“When fluoride is in the water fish have more sex and when fish have more sex there is more estrogen in the water which we drink,” he said wearing a tin foil hat with Viking horns.

According to Gillespie, the way his team was treated due to the secret NRL conspiracy and their lack of defensive effort is enough motivation for him to focus on conspiracy theories that are less demoralising such as the Illuminati and whether or not we have any free will at all.

While Gillespie states he is staying away from NRL based conspiracy theories, witnesses report Gillespie recently cried foul at the pub after learning that Aaron Woods had been chosen to represent Australia in the October test matches.

“What? How on God’s flat Earth did that happen?”


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