The bitter community of Australian no-voters are this week getting a little win, after spending thousands of dollars in the name of defending a former footballer’s right to continue belittling gay people.

As of this moment, Israel Folau’s GoFundMe campaign has raised over $650,000 Australian dollars out of the $3 million goal he has set.

After playing both NRL and AFL professional, Folau’s rugby union contract was discontinued in April over his controversial social media posts in which he posted that homosexuals, among others, would go to hell unless they repented.

Folau, a staunch Pentecostal Christian who converted from the Mormon church around about the time where most young men would have to sacrifice a year to go on missionary service, has today taken part in the age old Christian tradition of crowd-funding his own salary.

While the majority of Australian rugby union, and their fans, now resent Folau for causing so much much needless bullshit during a World Cup year, everyone watching at home has been left wondering what kind of sicko would donate to a multi-millionaire Lamborghini-owner’s legal fees.

“I did” says one Betoota-based pentecostal Christian, Anthony Susskunt

“I believe in freedom of speech” continued the 52-year-old lifelong bachelor.

“I also want to see more of his football. He’s just so deliciously talented”

Another donor, Wendy Grey (79) said the reason she donated to Israel Folau is because she’s old as shit and listens to Alan Jones.

“I’m not a big fan of his type” says Wendy, in an ambiguously offensive slur towards either Israel Folau’s religion or race.

“But he should be able to say what he thinks, first Molly Meldrum, now Peter Helliar. There’s too much of this gay stuff on television!”

Folau, who was well-known for not acting like a Christian in Fortitude Valley during his time at the Brisbane Broncos has appointed a legal team comprised of high-profile employment lawyers, including barrister George Haros and barrister Stuart Wood AM QC.

In response to this most recent the Greater Western Sydney Giants fans have announced plans to crowd-fund the 4.2 million dollars he stole from their club to allegedly play AFL for three years.


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