In a somewhat sad story breaking out of our town’s Heights district this morning, a docile local bachelor has consumed nearly 250 grams of sugar before 9 o’clock this morning.

The bizarre incident occurred earlier today when the young man accidentally filled his entire bowl up with sugar instead of his normal breakfast cereal.

After a late night watching England manage to dislodge the object from their throat in the Cricket World Cup, Toby Bright was trudging around his share house kitchen getting himself ready for the day when he made the mistake.

However, rather than fix his mistake, poor Bright admitted after the fact that he didn’t even realise he had eaten nearly two weeks worth of sugar in one hit.

“I didn’t even realise that it wasn’t my normal cereal,” sighed Bright.

“I just thought it was my normal breakfast but maybe it had gone soggy over time and it had lost it’s crunch a bit.”

“But yeah, I was eating pure sugar.”

Bright then explained that it was an easy mistake to make.

“I mean it tasted exactly the same as my normal breakfast cereal that I’ve eaten since a kid and probably had the same nutritional value as well.”

“Makes you wonder if a bowl of sugar could get a 2.5 Health Stars rating too?”

Bright then told our reporters he had to get back to work as the normal spike from his breakfast was about to taper off and he need to get something out of it before spending an hour pushing paper around and thinking about what he was going to have for lunch.


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