It’s 3pm on a sunny Saturday afternoon in Betoota Ponds, yet hungover local hair and beauty expert, Josie Ross, is lying on her food covered couch with the curtains and blinds drawn.  

Ross’s situation came to the attention of The Advocate after her smart watch triggered a 000 call – a new function that has been built in to help older people whose pulse slows down to an unsafe, almost dead, reading. 

While not dead, data from Josie’s unbranded smart watch is reportedly showing her step count for the day at 3, which suggests that she took two steps and maybe hopped the other one.

According to paramedics who attended the scene, the only thing preventing her smartwatch from registering her as dead is the ‘skip recap’ button on her Stan account.

“She didn’t even get up to let us in, the door was unlocked, and she yelled for us to let ourselves in” says one paramedic.

“I was relieved to hear her voice, it meant she wasn’t dead. But what we discovered was almost just as bad”

“I didn’t know 30-year-olds still treated their bodies this way”

“After a quick check of her vitals, we realised she was fine. We advised her that she might want to move around her apartment, even if it’s just to go to the bathroom.”

At the time of press, Josie’s unbranded smartwatch data was showing a step count of 24, which is a huge improvement from her original 3.


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