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While a chilly winter means more time on the ski slopes for the rich, for poor uni students like Danielle Delia (20) it means the start of a gruelling and only occasionally comforting dietary change.

Although Delia’s share house has heating amenities, the most frugal way for them to stay warm during winter is by eating a Jimmy Barnes amount of porridge until he feels cosy and stuffed inside.

With a kilo of non-bespoke rolled oats going for about $2 and creating about 50 stomach spackling meals, Delia is able to save time and money both of which she will certainly redirect towards his bucket bong habit.

“Sometimes I add some brown sugar,” stated Delia, omitting from whom she stole the brown sugar.

“It’s nothing fancy but it works. Try some. It’s not that bad.”

According to Delia, the beginning of his five months of porridge is exciting as it ends the ‘Seven Months of Mi Goreng’ which she will be looking forward to again in about a week.



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