A local child has today learnt a hard lesson in deception after an afternoon spent playing video games has resulted in onion tainted treats.

It’s alleged twelve-year-old Cooper Russo had been visiting his nonna for the day and was looking forward to being overfed and waited on hand on foot.

After several hours of video game playing broken up by the occasional food break, Cooper was feeling the 3 pm itch when his nonna intuitively brought over some chopped up fruit slices. Though he’d have much preferred one of the ice pops he knew his nonna had stashed in the freezer, he’d begrudgingly reached out for the assortment of apple and orange slices whilst keeping his eyes on the game.

Unfortunately for Cooper, had he paused to evaluate the pieces before shovelling them into his mouth, he may have noticed the distinct, eye-watering smell of onion. It’s alleged he’d grabbed a whole handful when he was struck by the overwhelming taste, which permeated the fruit so deeply that he briefly wondered if his nonna was feeling a tad sadistic that day.

Spitting out the handful of onion-y gunk until his hand, Cooper casts a wounded look at his nonna’s turned back and makes his way to the bathroom to wash away the betrayal.

More to come.


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