A local mum has today forgotten her Apple ID password for what may be the seventeenth time in the last 12 months.

Julie Wills reportedly started having a go at her daughter for not remembering it either, despite being told multiple times that she should either write it down or use the same password across all her accounts.

This time, Julie’s latest gripe with technology happens to be her Facebook account, which has apparently stopped letting her in ‘all of a sudden.’

Even though Julie only has 33 friends, plus a backlog of direct messages which suggest she doesn’t know how to use Facebook properly, she insists on having an account so she can stalk relatives, and wistfully look up past flings.

“It’s not letting me in,” says Julie, appealing to her eldest daughter Katie, as some kind of password gatekeeper.

“Do you remember what it is!?” “Why do they make it so difficult?”

“Okay, ‘Forgot password.”

“What email address did I use? I don’t know if I still have that account?”

“What’s my email password?”

“I didn’t get the email.”

Katie visibly tries hard to not forcibly bash her head into the table as her mum continues to type away with one finger, pressing the keys with the ferocity of frustrated pianist.

“Alright new password, Katie can you remember this one please?” “R O B D O G 2 0 1 1 exclamation point.”


Julie gives up trying to access her account and instead creates another one, making it the third Facebook account she’s made this month.

More to come.


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