Lisa Edmonds hadn’t been planning a social outing when she ducked out to Westfields.

Warning that it’d only be a quick trip, Lisa and her two young daughters had piled into the SUV for an impromptu outing as the household was in dire need of mince.

The frazzled mum was in the middle of reminding her daughters again that it’d be an ‘in and out’ job when she bumped into a friend from high school. “LISA, omg I can’t believe it!”

“Caitlin! I thought that was you!

Stopping smack bang in the middle of a very busy shopping aisle, the two women decided that peak hour Saturday afternoon was the perfect time to catch up on thirty years of missed gossip.

“How have you been?”

“Are you living nearby?”

“Still with Steve? Oh, sorry ha.”

With the addition of four more kids and two shopping trolleys, it’s reported that the lane ended up getting completely blocked, causing nearby shoppers to switch lanes in order to get to their destination.

A few shoppers say they even attempted to use their own trolleys as a battering ram, but the solid unit proved impenetrable.

“We should definitely grab a coffee sometime.”

“Add me on Facebook! Unfortunately for the shoppers, the opposite lane was soon overtaken by an older couple, who’d stopped to go through twenty bags of groceries and double-check a 4 ft long receipt.

More to come.


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