A local bookworm has impressed a bus of commuters this morning, letting everyone know that she has her life in order.

Sitting calmly in the third row of the X898 into the Betoota CBD, local HR manager Olivia Greyson was spotted polishing off half a chapter of ‘The Mindful High Performer’, the latest self help book doing the rounds on the bedside tables of corporate yuppies across the country.

Choosing to spend her 26 minute commute reading up on the latest science-based tools to achieve optimal mental health, it’s believed Olivia stunned fellow passengers who were far more committed to mindlessly scrolling their phones to kill some brain cells on their commute.

“Ugh, who does this girl think she is, Eckhart Tolle or something,” said Julie Kiln, a jealous fellow passenger on the bus and self confessed phone addict.

“Just sitting there reading peacefully like Jane Austen in some 18th century daisy garden, God how does she do it!”

A cherished half hour for many of Betoota’s city workers, recent studies have shown that 80% of all dinner bookings, online shopping purchases and social engagements are arranged on the four wheels of a public bus.

Speaking to the calm individual, who was slightly perturbed to have her pre-work tranquillity interrupted by our reporter, Olivia told The Advocate she was already reaping the benefits of a New Years’ resolution which prescribed her to only use her phone “with intention”.

“Usually I sit bored on this bus and furiously fill my online shopping cart with a bunch of shit I can’t afford, so sitting here just reading quietly instead is just a much nicer way to start the day.”

Olivia went on to give The Advocate more top tips for keeping your morning mental health in shape, however a phone notification from an online gambling company reminded this reporter it was time to put on some bets for mid-week harness racing.

For the full list of trotting tips check The Betoota Advocate’s weekly form guide.


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