A newly wed couple have proved they are also a couple of morons today by wasting their precious honeymoon phase in Tassie.

Honeymoon is the name given to the holiday a couple takes in the wake of their wedding but also refers to the time period where even baby boomers enjoy each other’s company and the roots flow aplenty. 

Popular honeymoon destinations include tropical resorts in island nations such as Fiji, Maldives, Jamaica, and anywhere else that takes advantage of privatised beaches and cheap labour.

However, newly wed couple Brendan and Roxanne Trigg apparently missed the memo on the tropical island part and spent their honeymoon in wintery Tasmania like a couple of dummies.

“Dark Mofo was on!” stated Brendan as if getting nude for an ice cold swim with strangers is a fun honeymoon activity.

“It’s cold outside so we need to go inside and stay warm if you catch my drift. Although it’s still pretty cold in the Airbnb. I haven’t actually seen my wife naked yet but we’ve got the rest of our lives so that’s good.”



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