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A woman who’s all but officially moved into a bloke’s house has had trouble getting the girlfriend label, despite doing everything that one would agree constitutes as ‘being in a couple.’

Violet Hale tells our reporter that she’s been dating Ian for almost a year now but that every time she asked to progress the relationship, she’d been met with a rebuttal – which almost always went along the lines of ‘I don’t like labels’ or ‘why do we have to call it anything.’

Explaining the conundrum to our reporter, Violet says that not only has Ian encouraged her to spend almost every night at his house, but she has her own bathroom drawer and had met his family and friends multiple times.

“It’s a bit odd” says a frustrated Violet to our reporter, “he’s acting as if I’m asking him to move across the world or bloody marry him.”

“I just want to be called a girlfriend.”

Violet says that though it could be argued that the term ‘girlfriend’ means nothing, his refusal to use it suggests that he’s not 100% sure about her or that he may have some severe avoidant attachment issues, – likely stemmed from that ex who gave him the ring he still wears to this day (breakup circa 2018).

Having built a strong attachment to him, Violet finds herself struggling to pull away but also aware the longer she stays, the worse it’s going to be when she breaks things off.

“Surely he’ll come around”, says Violet, “maybe he just needs more time.”

Trying to smile but only achieving a half grimace, it appears that not even Violet believes her own lies.

More to come.


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