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When Mitch Mertalis asked the boys if he could bring his work mate, Pat, to the pub for Friday Arvo beers, the boys thought nothing of it.

The more the merrier, if he’s Mitch’s mate, he’s our mate.

However, within a mere 10 minutes of Mitch and Pat arriving at the pub, the boys began deeply regretting their decision.

It became clear that Pat was one of those annoying creeps who reckons he’s on with every chick in a 10-metre radius, including the bartender.

“Here, let me help you with that” he sickeningly offered the bartender who was picking up old TAB tickets.

Before the bartender had time to decline his help, Pat had swooped in.

“What’s your name? I’m Pat”

“Here, I’ve got $10 voucher, you can choose the horse and we’ll split the winnings” he continued to creep.

It’s believed the inclusive punting was the final nail in the coffin for Mitch’s creepy mate Pat.

“Fark, just leave the poor girl alone” says one of the boys relaying his feelings to The Advocate.

“She’s just out here trying to get through her shift, it’s bad enough that she works in this shit city pub, let alone getting hit on by this dweeb.”

“I don’t know why Mitch is friends with him.”

The Advocate can confirm that Mitch and Pat are friends because of the WorkMate Paradox, which occurs when a completely normal man or woman settles for a slightly weird friend at work because she/he is the best of a bad bunch.

More to come.


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