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A young gym enthusiast has decided to treat his body to a few months off the anabolics today.

The 26-year-old aspiring bodybuilder and part-time personal trainer Brayden Wilson told The Advocate this afternoon that he’s decided to skip a cycle after realising he was getting enough of the good shit from all of the chicken he eats.

“Yeah, I actually realised over the last few months that because of the sheer amount of chicken I eat, I’m effectively on a roids cycle already, by chicken proxy,” he laughed, referring to the sheer volume of growth hormones and shit they pump into battery hens.

“So I thought, you know what, maybe I’ll give the double cycle a miss for the next few months, because I haven’t got a comp coming up for a little while,” said the young man who hasn’t yet had the personality sized hole in his life filled by his devotion to ‘fitness.’

“Might help with the deca dick too” he said crudely in reference to his erectile problems.

“And hopefully the acne on my shoulders my die down a little as well.”

Wilson said he hopes that the single-chicken-based cycle he’ll stay on for the next few months still gives him what he needs to throw down his weights at the end of his set – and grunt loudly for the duration of his work out.

“See how we go aye”


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