A super cute hotel towel has been completely soiled this evening as a Betoota man feels the wrath of a dodgy prawn skewer.

After disembarking his Jetstar flight into Denpasar Airport, Betoota Mitre 10 store manager Levi Karmichael was excited to spend his first night at Blossom Boutik Villas, a gorgeous villa in Canggu.

A new visitor to the Indonesian surfers paradise, Levi had arrived excited to kick his feet up and enjoy a well-earned break, and planned to aimlessly scroll his phone on a sun lounge in between dips into his private pool.

However, after getting a little too excited at the extensive room service menu on offer, Levi couldn’t help but order in some Balinese iga babi panggang (pork ribs), five Javanese spring rolls, a mixed satay campur and a banana shake.

Fast forward 25 minutes, and Levi quickly learned that not every meal in Southeast Asia comes with a food safety guarantee, and was soon on all fours making an absolute mess of the villa bathroom.

With chunks of mixed satay at times missing the toilet bowl, Levi was forced to sacrifice the super cute origami towel that had welcomed him into his room, and murder the fluffy swan as he cleaned up his mess.

“I feel bad, some poor cleaner on $3 a day folded that thing for us, probably thinking we’re on our honeymoon,” Levi told The Advocate the following day, as he sipped a lemonade laying flat on his back.

“I had to rinse it out in the shower, roll it up and hide it in the bathroom bin, no one needed to see what I did to that poor swan last night.”

“I’ll have to leave the cleaners a big tip when I leave.”


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