It’s currently 12:45pm of the 15th of March, and Prime Minister Scotty From Marketing appears to be giving himself the day off.

Not because he is a lifelong bureaucrat who has proven unfit for the gruelling task of running a nation of 25 million people.

Not because he’s self-isolating to ensure he doesn’t spread the strain of coronavirus that Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton brought back into the country.

It’s because if he doesn’t do anything today, it means he doesn’t have to acknowledge the anniversary of that horrific event that was perpertrated by a nameless Quiet Australian on this exact date last year.

While PR teams and brand consultants around the country are working around the clock to manage expectations on cancellations and business shut downs – the Morrison government is ahead of the curve when it comes surviving the pandemic.

Namely, by using the rapid spread of COVID-19 to their advantage and clouding both their official government channels and media with the same updates every 45 minutes

This means that the bushfire ravaged communities still waiting for assistance after the unprecedented and poorly managed summer of climate-change-aided disaster will not be making any noise until after this virus thingy.

It also means that thing that happened this time last year is not being commemorated in anyway shape or form. This appears to be the best marketing approach to March 15, as many government officials fear any form of acknowledgment of this tragedy my also be perceived as an admission that prominent members of the current Coalition front bench may hold some sort of responsibility for the dangerous and growing ideology steeped at the centre of the horrific incident.

Betoota Advocate reached out to the Prime Minister’s office for comment but were told to make sure we wash our hands and go Sharkies haha!


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