After years of synergy between Satan and Australia’s far-right nationalists One Nation, the Great Beast has today officially disendorsed Pauline Hanson, after learning of overseas meeting with the American gun lobby.

The controversial Abrahamic religious entity says that ‘even I have to draw a line somewhere’ – and that he knows that he is expected to encourage all forms of hate and evil, but seriously? The NRA?

“Are you kidding? The people behind all those school shootings in the states? How did you read the room this badly Pauline?” wrote Satan, in an official press release from the depths of hell.

This comes as senior One Nation figures James Ashby and Steve Dickson were caught on film seeking millions of dollars of political donations from US gun rights group the National Rifle Association in a bid to seize the balance of power in Australia, while offering the lobby group weaker gun laws in exchange.

The story has been broken by Arab broadcaster, al-Jazeera, who used hidden cameras and a journalist posing as a grassroots gun campaigner to expose the far-right party’s bizarre efforts to secure funding in Washington DC in September – at the same time that Pauline Hanson was reportedly voting in support of a proposed ban on foreign political donations.

The footage captures Dickson, the party’s Queensland state leader and formerly a Liberal-National minister in Queensland who jumped ship thinking he might end up as Premier of Queensland, and Ashby, Pauline Hanson’s chief of staff, endorsing NRA counter-attack lines in the event of a gun massacre.

Pauline Hanson has since referred al-Jazeera to ASIO for ‘interfering in a political election’ in a hope that the news publisher’s Arabic name will generate racial commentary within their base.

“Can we really trust these people?” said Pauline.

“Look at the amount of vowels in that company’s name? They are clearly (sic) Moslems”

“How do we know that those recorded conversations of One Nation staffers are actually One Nation staffers. They could be lookalikes”

The Prime Nightwatchman of Australia, Scott Morrison, has condemned One Nation’s efforts to loosen gun laws – but is yet to follow Satan’s lead by officially disendorsing them.


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