A recently-married couple have taken the sensible precaution of smearing every single surface of their home with yoghurt to find out if they can physically and mentally withstand living with children.

Longtime Betoota Heights residents Harry and Fiona Campbell visited friends and relatives with children to find out what to expect and then set out to simulate the parental experience in the comfort of their own home to find out if having kids was the right decision for them.

“Some of our friends had kids but we weren’t sure if we were ready” says Fiona, 23.

“We devoted an entire weekend transforming our house just to see if we could handle it. It took a long time to smear every single surface with yoghurt, but other tasks like throwing a box of sultanas into a ceiling fan and placing all the remote controls in the toilet were actually pretty quick to carry out.”

Harry agreed the experience had been worthwhile and added that the cost of transforming the house was fairly cheap.

“The big box of Lego to cover the floor was $39 and the Dora the Explorer DVD to play at full volume all day was $9.95.

The big box of Nutri-Grain for underneath the couch cushions was about $6.50 so overall it cost less than having just one rug professionally cleaned after Play-Doh has been stomped into it”.

Although they intend to keep their house in “parental mode” for another week, Harry and Fiona say the simulation has been a success as it has already helped them to decide on their family’s future.

“We’ll just keep visiting other people we know that have kids for the time being” said Fiona “Besides, Harry just surprised me with me a puppy!”


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