Scott Morrison’s executive decision to fly a private jet to the flood-ravaged North Queensland capital has been described a ‘waste of time’ by his office, after his poor choice of clothing left him completely invisible to the untrained eye.

Aside from a few seasoned AJs from the Townsville barracks, almost no one in Townsville noticed that the Prime Minister had visited to disaster zone.

Hundreds of people remain stuck in evacuation centres across Townsville waiting for floodwaters to recede as the relentless Norht Queensland rains continue into their 12th day.

The one-in-100-year monsoonal deluge is far from over with the Bureau of Meteorology warning more heavy rain is likely from Palm Island, north of Townsville, south to Mackay on Wednesday.

However, these lesser North Queensland towns are of no interest to the Nightwatchman on his unofficial campaign trail. With his office noting that fuck all people live outside of Townsville.

Morrison’s choice of camouflaged military PPE marks the first time a sitting Prime Minister has worn full blown army kit, ever, including John Curtin, who was Prime Minister during World War II when the Japanese were literally bombing Townsville.

The PM’s office have given comment regarding the ill-fated trip, with a spokesperson stating that Morrison’s media team now regret organising the camo jacket for the Prime Minister’s photoshoot.

Namely, because it would have been a good opportunity for the Nightwatchman to actually introduce himself to the punters up north, most of whom still think the Prime Minister.


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