In some worrying news for Australia’s already incinerating democracy – it seems that one of Australia’s loudest medical skeptics and conspiracists will be waging a populist election campaign has he makes a move for the Australian upper house.

Deranged former celebrity chef Pete Evans has this week announced he will join politics and run for the Senate with former One Nation senator and convicted petty felon Rod Culleton’s The Great Australian Party.

A well known anti-vaxxer, Evans was announced as a candidate for the upcoming federal election in a statement from the party about 1am on Friday.

Evans joins a long list of millionaire Eastern suburbs psychopaths who are so detached from reality that they think they can understand the concerns and issues facing the rest of Australia.

The last two successive Liberal Prime Ministers, Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison, were both raised about 5 kilometres from each other in the most affluent metropolitan region of Australia – known as the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

Evans, who hails from the same cocaine-soaked wealth hoarding beachfront suburbs, will now follow his former neighbours all the way to Parliament.

While it could be argued that Evans is in fact a Northern Rivers resident – it goes without saying that anyone who moved from North Bondi to Byron is technically still in the Eastern Suburbs – in their minds.

It is not yet known what value Evans will add to the Australian political discourse, other than the fact that it will be refreshing to see a politician who actually believes the bullshit they spew.



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