The same man who was far too cautious to put his support behind the Indigenous Voice proposal because he hadn’t seen enough details, has today begged Australians to just trust that a transition to nuclear power will be fine.

This comes as Peter Dutton sends out one-page press release about the seven locations that he’s earmarked to build highly complex nuclear reactors as part of his rapidly-changing and unclear energy policy.

So far, this policy comes with far less details than the nation was presented by the patient Indigenous elders who designed the Indigenous Voice model. The same community leaders who begged Dutton to assess their generous proposal for self-determination on merit – rather than blindly opposing it for cheap political points.

Sadly for Australia’s disadvantaged Aboriginal population, who now have northing to look forward to but a nuclear reactor being built down the road from them their communities, the Indigenous Voice referendum became the perfect vehicle for the Coalition to win some cheap political points over the PM.

NewsCorp and Advance Australia’s heavily funded campaign machine began rubbishing the referendum the moment Dutton chose to backpedal on supporting it. This came after nearly of a year of him umming and ahhhing about the lack of details.

However, just like the $368 billion that Scott Morrison signed off on to build 7 submarines without even consulting anyone in his cabinet, it seems that Dutton is ready to go even bigger with an extremely vague nuclear transition that will cost half a trillion tax payer dollars.

The Opposition leader and the two other coalition MPs that seem to be across this plan fronted a press conference this morning to regurgitate the dot points from the one-pager.

According to the Canberra Press Gallery, Dutton’s party has only been orally briefed about the plan at the partyroom meeting this morning – with a promise that detailed notes would be circulated afterwards.

However, so far the only document seen by the Liberal and National Party members is the press release that Peter Dutton’s office sent to the media at 10:30 am.

One thing that is clear is that the ‘privately-funded, small, modular’ model of nuclear power that Dutton was talking about 24 hours ago, has since become a monstrous Soviet-scale infrastructural project that will be funded entirely by the Commonwealth.


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