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An always rational, even-handed and unwavering voice of reason has today hit out at the media for unfairly targeting her and her party.

Pauline Hanson, who used her maiden speech to Parliament to dog whistle about Australia ‘being swamped by Asians,’ and last year wore a burqa into the Senate to agitate as much as she humanly could, has today explained that she has been given a rough go of late.

The former fish and chip shop owner from Ipswich who claimed vaccines cause Autism and has called for a Royal Commission into Islam, said that her party members who tried to solicit millions of dollars from the NRA to undermine democracy in the country and spent time creeping on strippers in the US have been unfairly targeted today.

“No one else is being attacked for trying to corrupt our democracy by taking huge donations from the gun lobby,” explained the One Nation Leader who is well on track to overtake Bob Katter in the non-sensical rambles corner of politics.

“I have had an absolute gutful of people attacking me and my party who campaign solely on the basis of attacking people who are of a different colour skin to me.”

“It’s not fair. And this is the country that is built on a fair go. For battlers. That’s what the ANZAC’s fought for,” the increasingly irate Senator then said.

“For people like me to say and do whatever I want without consequence and accountability.”

Hanson then stormed off.


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