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A local far-right activist whose main interest outside sharing Neo-Nazi memes is his fetishising of Australian criminal folklore, says he is absolutely disgusted by the actions of egg boy.

With several tattoos paying homage to both Ned Kelly and Chopper Read, local patriot Wyatt Bokken has today called for criminal charges against that mad cunt who egged Senator Fraser Anning.

The local divorced father of 3 has spoken to The Advocate this morning, venting his frustrations about the actions of the ‘jumped up little shit.’

Unlike the rest of the country, Bokken isn’t a fan of the national hero colloquially known as ‘Egg Boy,’ who catapulted himself into the national consciousness this weekend.

“Mate, what he did was down right disrespectful, however you look at it,” said the man who thinks the 5 incels who pinned down the young boy and tried to choke him out used a reasonable degree of force.

“The tone of political discussion has gone to shit in this country, no one has any respect,” explained Johnstone who previously described Neil Erikson’s mock beheading in Bendigo as one of the best videos he’d seen in a long time.

“If the little lefty had any decency he’d front up and apologise to Anning for his behaviour and civil disobedience,” said the man with a tattoo of a notable figure who murdered three police officers.

“And before you bring up the whole Chopper thing, what Chopper did was fucking funny, and his behaviour was towards crooks who deserve it, not a standup Senator whose speaking for the majority of the 19 people who voted for him.”


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