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One of Betoota’s French Quarter residents has confirmed to The Advocate this afternoon that he will, ‘unfortunately,’ have to vote Liberal at the up coming election.

The 45-year-old architect currently living in our town’s answer to Newtown, West End and Brunswick explained that he wasn’t going to have to vote for the Libs because the complex trust running in his family set-up could potentially be slugged for tax, but for something much worse.

“It pains me to say it, but I’ll have to vote for that bumbling oaf,” said the frustrated and tortured creative named Alf Luént sipping a Macadamia Milk Chai Latte.

“I just can’t support Bill Shorten’s plans to make my precious electric cars more affordable to the punters.”

Luént explained that if anyone was able to afford the electric cars so popular in the inner-city enclaves, they would ‘lose thier currency so to speak.

“The beauty of a having the bottom of the range electric car set at 60,000 dollars is it allows people like myself the ability to brag about it at dinner parties, and keep firmly saddled in aboard our high horses.”

“If Shorten takes that away and makes them affordable then what would be next, cheaper tickets and diversification of the Theatre scene, or the commentary on the Rugby League down at my local licensed venue.”

“God help us if so.”


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