Life has found a way in the Betoota Flight Path District as local hipster Nathan Bolt has slowly begun to absorb the Greek culture of the locals he has played a part in pricing out of his neighbourhood.

Opening a bar in what was once the family owned Kamateros Hardware Store, Bolt has been a big figure in his community serving up unpretentious beer at pretentious prices. 

According to Bolt, the local Greek community has been a big inspiration for him especially when he is sloshed and the souva joint is the only place open.

“They just get it,” stated Nathan Bolt, who perhaps erroneously introduced himself to our reporting team as ‘Nathos.’

“They understand the value of a hard day’s work, a good beer and how you can still yell at someone in public and still be best mates with them.”

The Advocate joined Nathan ‘Nathos’ Bolt on a trip to an opp-shop where he was purchasing 2nd hand plates once owned by yayas who gave them to charity when rising rent costs forced them to downsize.

According to Bolt he plans on smashing the plates to celebrate the grand opening of his new venue The Flight Path District Cards & Darts Precinct.

“It’s playing tribute to the classic men’s community centre that the Greeks love. Just buddies, beers, ciggies; simple stuff. Actually it’s very simple because the venue used to be just that. Kitting out took like nine minutes, all I had to do was run ‘round putting an extra zero at the end of the price tags.”

When asked if he felt a little guilty about pricing out a large chunk of the Greek community, Bolt stated he doesn’t as “gentrification on stolen land doesn’t really count anyway.”


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