At first glance, Selene Henson, 29, seems like your average person today she’s being recognised as a modern day saint.

The Melbourne-based woman is now being recognized for her selflessness, after multiple substantiated reports of Selene lingering near the hand dryer in public toilets and office restrooms in order to provide noise cover for on-the-job poopers and public potty-users.

There seems to be no discernible motive for Selene’s altruistic behavior other than simple kindness.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. She must’ve stood there, pretending to dry her hands for a full 5 extra minutes,” Carol, 34, who experienced Selene’s kindness first-hand while shopping in Melbourne Central, told The Advocate.

“Nobody has ever done anything that nice for me before.”

At least three more people have some forward claiming they were also the recipients of this Good Samaritan’s specific kind of charity.

“I’m a bit shy in the office restroom normally, and then when my boss followed me into the bathroom, I thought I was done for,” Steph, 41, a coworker of Selene’s, told reporters.  “But then there she was, running both facets and all the hand-dryers at once like some kind of lavatory angel.”

When reached for comment, the ‘Benefactress of the Bog,’ as some locals have begun to call her, was a woman of few words.

“What? Why are you asking me about what I do in the loo?” she told The Advocate.

“This is really weird. Please go away.”


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