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Daylight Savings in all civilised parts of Australia started on October 4 but already Solar Panel Retailers have reported a 25% increase in demand as consumers rush to take advantage of the extra hour of sunlight.  

“It’s been crazy, we’ve had twice as many calls as we usually do” said Solar Panel Installer Ben Fractal.

“Lucky there’s that extra hour of sunlight or we wouldn’t even have enough time to install them all”. 

Homeowner Sally Chan says she hopes the extra hour will help her solar panels pay themselves off even faster.

“Electricity is so expensive these day, so it makes sense to reduce your expenditure as much as you can, and the extra hour just makes it all the more worthwhile” 

The Renewable Energy industry is now calling on the Australian Government to increase Daylight Savings by a further hour to help Australians harness even more solar power to combat rising power costs and global warming. 

At the same time, the Australian Cancer Council is calling on the government to scrap Daylight Savings altogether, with research indicating that 10% of all cancer diagnoses were caused by excessive exposure to the sun.

“Every extra hour of sunlight increases the risk of developing a Melanoma” said Professor McArthur.

“It’s imperative that the government protects Australians by cutting down the number of hours of sunlight they are exposed to, whether they are in a normal part of Australia or one of those states where they don’t believe in daylight savings or indoor plumbing”.    


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