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ABC journalist and host of the flagship current affairs show Q+A, Stan Grant, has resigned from the organization this week after receiving almost non-stop racial abuse since taking the job in 2021. The sustained and repeated abuse Stan received was endured without support from any member of the ABC executive, a blight on the organization that markets itself as being the network that cares.

Moving forward, the ABC’s programming head, Syren Rale, said he was keen on seeing the show head in a new direction.

To a place where the ABC executive can continue to do nothing – but appear to be doing something. A place where they can get a pat on the back for sitting on their arse. The dream scenario for any off-camera ABC lifer.

“A familiar face to people in NSW and Queensland who enjoy sports will be returning to screens across Australia. Darryl ‘The Big Marn’ Brohman is the new host of Q+A and will be joined each week by sporting personalities from major codes Australia-wide,” said Mr. Rale.

“From next month, The Big Marn will be joined by his old friends Paul ‘Fatty’ Vautin, Matty Johns, Joey Johns, Peter Sterling, Blocka Roach, Gus Gould, and many more. Special guests will also be flying in from around the world.”

“Sterlo will be dressing up as Vladimir Putin on the first show [laughs]. But we won’t be telling The Big Marn. We will be setting up a ‘satellite link’ with Moscow, and Sterlo will pretend to be the Russian leader. Anyway, we’re essentially going to trick The Big Marn into thinking he’s triggered a nuclear war [laughs]. Seriously.”

“You know, stuff like that. More of a variety show where the audience doesn’t all look depressed. No school kids, either. They should be at home doing their homework or smoking cones in the park. Doing kid stuff. Like imagine if we tied Max Chandler-Mather to a spinning dartboard and had Penny Wong throw Velcro knives at him. It would be hilarious. Better than them being all passive-aggressive and cutting each other off like bitter old lefties.”

“Our musical guests will have a bit more energy. On the first episode, we’re going to have 30 Odd Foot of Grunts play us out while Bob Katter does the robot in front. It will be a ratings bonanza, just what the ABC wants.”

The Advocate reached out to Mr. Brohman’s management for comment but has yet to receive a reply.

More to come.


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