Local girlfriend Nicki Weaver has tried and failed to understand how NFT’s work and why she can’t just simply screenshot artwork.

It’s alleged her crypto enthusiast boyfriend had tried to explain the process to her after she read an article about the creators of Bored Ape Yacht Club earning millions of dollars for what looked to be simple digital artwork.

Nicki became further confused when she read something about NFT’s being bad for the environment and wondered how digital monkeys could have any impact on climate change.

“I don’t understand, why does it cost so much? Can’t I just save or screenshot the image?” queries Nicki.

“I mean you can but it’s not the original file so it’s not worth anything.”

“So, it’s like digital trading cards”

“Yes, correct,”

“But wait, how do you know if it’s the original file?”

“Um…I don’t know…but I guess you can ask the same thing about normal artwork? There’s a way of retracing the provenance.”

“Surely someone could steal it though?”

“It’s stored on the blockchain so it’s like, heavily encrypted.”

“What’s blockchain?”

“Don’t ask me that, I don’t fucking know haha.”

More to come.


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