Britney Kovacs is often prone to asking herself existential questions.

Not in the wanky Nitschke or Kierkegaard sense, but in the ‘what the fuck am I doing with my life’ sense.

The question usually arises on Sunday mornings just before midday, or when she is caught up at some work drinks on a Thursday.

However, today she was left wondering why she even bothered with her career after editing a video of someone pulling apart a cheese based dish.

Working for a youth-oriented online newspaper within a large multinational media organisation in inner-Betoota’s trendy Roma Hills, young Kovacs spent the best part of her morning cutting and putting together footage of a cheesy baked good being pulled apart from 5 different angles.

The unidentifiable meal that had been cut open and had some other ingredients like bacon and pasta put inside it, is not exactly what Kovacs spent years of her life studying and interning for.

Growing up as a young person interested in journalism, with a mind full of silly ideas about covering important issues and events, Kovacs thought she might follow her dreams and aspire to be a Leigh Sales, or a Kate McClymont, or even a John Pilger.

However, now 2 years out of university, as a video editor and copywriter for the profit-driven masthead, poor Kovacs has finally realised that clicks might just be king.

While watching the video rack up the likes and comments, and preparing to write a commissioned article about the internet’s response to this video, Kovacs spoke to our reporters.

“That’s going to be our most successful post for the week on our socials. A video of someone pulling apart some fucking cheese. I’ve written 180 articles about cheese pulls” she said.

“Videos sent to us by restaurant chains, and paid for be restaurant chains”

“At least the dog video from last week was cute, and not some ad dressed up as content.”

“When I just sit here, at my open plan desk making shit like that, I wonder why the fuck I ever even bothered.”

“Did you hear those boys in Thailand got out safe? The editor said he might let me write about it once I’ve finished up the sponsored articles for BHP”


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