New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has created great confusion for the Australian audiences watching her press conferences over the last 48 hours.

As the whinier-vowel neighbours of New Zealand, Australians are not familiar with a politician, or leader, who appears to be good at doing their job under pressure.

Namely because of the foreign concept of unity and bipartisanism has not been seen in Australia since both major political parties decided that the Adani coal mine was all good, and the Great Barrier Reef was just going to have to cop it.

With Ardern likely not having slept since Friday, and a nation grieving, the fact that she has been able to front the media without stirring any shit has been refreshing but also shocking for Australians.

“What. She’s not even going to swear revenge on anyone?” said one Australian TV viewer – Kylie, 45, Rocklea.

Another rattled Australian news reader also couldn’t believe Ardern’s rational and sincere approach to tragedy.

“Wait, so, she’s not going to blame this tragedy on her political rivals?” said Chad, 35, Maryborough.

“Well who’s fault is it? Who do we need to be scared of?!!”

“Give me someone to vilify god dammit!”


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