Tony Jobs has been caught out by some friends this afternoon.

The young engineer from Betoota Heights was sprung using his ‘other voice’ during a phone call.

Foolishly taking a work call in the vicinity of a group of friends down at the recently done up Royal Hotel in Betoota’s Old City District, Johns was asking for trouble.

“Oh yeah Gday mate,” he answered the phone call in a completely different voice to the one he uses on a daily basis.

“Yeah Steve, if you can just sort out those specs for this arvo I’ll talk to you about it tomorrow,” the young man said in the deepest voice he could possibly muster.

One of the Jobs friends enjoying a beer with him explained that the change of voice made their week.

“It’s such a fucking pissa,” he said.

“He’s a white-collar tertiary educated inner-city resident with a voice like you’d imagine. But, when he is talking to a colleague or mate from footy he automatically tries to sound like he’s had a lifetime of smoking darts and laying bricks,” the friend said.

“It’s almost impressive how he can drop the pitch like an overweight 58-year-old Italian European tenor.”

Jobs, however, said he was confused about our line of questioning moments ago.

“Yeah everyone was giving me shit for changing my voice or whatever, but I’m not sure why they are carrying on,” he said.

“Just trying to be professional.”


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