A waterfront Italian restaurant in Betoota’s entertainment district has launched a new policy of transparency this weekend, made in an effort to repair relationships with previously jipped customers.

After several years of charging local boomers $14 for a bottle of sparkling water, it’s understood popular wood fired pizza restaurant ‘La Osteria Bacaro’ is now making a public effort to ensure their customers know they’re not getting taken for a carbonated ride.

Whilst serving a table of four diners, enjoying a light meal before a night at the Betoota Dance Company, suave Italian waiter Stefano Totti is believed to have asked the table, “Now shall we start with tap or sparkling? And our sparkling is most certainly complimentary…”

It’s believed the question was met with a light hearted chuckle amongst the table, as one smarmy diner, Graham Andrews (54) responded rather smugly, “Complimentary!? Well we’ll have the sparkling thanks…” 

“Just as long as you don’t sneak some $20 surcharge on there you cheeky boy… Ha haaaa”

The response was welcomed by the affectionate waiter, who proceeded to participate in the rather cute ‘ballo romantico’, a playful banter with his fat wallet patrons, assuring them that the rest of the main meals are most certainly worth the $40 price point.

Speaking to business owner Matteo Criniti, the long standing restaurateur admitted the new policy was made to acknowledge the price gouging atrocities committed over the last 5 years.

“Yes, our customers are loyal, but they also hate getting a bill for $60 worth of water after a two course meal.” 

“So we’re no longer charging for the sparkling, it comes free!.”

“However, the trick to good business is to always cover your losses, so we’ve jacked up the Pear and Rocket salad to $18 and these well-heeled boomers don’t seem to bat an eyelid!”

“It’s genius!”

More to come.


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