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Billionaire Clive Palmer has brought great shame upon himself, his community and motor vehicle enthusiasts in general this afternoon by almost immediately driving Adolf Hitler’s old drop-top Benzie into Sunshine Coast flood waters.

Mr Clive purchased the historic vehicle yesterday and it arrived here in Australia in the early hours of the morning. It used to be owned by a Russian oligarch who obviously needed to free up a bit of coin considering what’s going on over there.

Many politicians and policy makers have questioned whether the transaction was legal, considering the current sanctions placed on the Russian Federation.

However, because Mr Clive’s political party is essentially a catch-all funnel for disenfranchised Coalition votes, nothing will be done before the election according to a key government source.

Nevertheless, the sheer historical value of Adolf Hitler’s Mercedes Benz is what’s been lost today on the side of the Bruce Highway.

Mr Clive has lost millions of dollars in potential value but even though it belonged to someone nearly everyone doesn’t like, it was a relic of a time that our species shared with Nazis.

Shortly before 1pm this afternoon, Clive was tearing down the Bruce Highway in the pouring rain with the top down. He became increasingly blinded from the rain drops clashing with his naked eyeball. So he pulled over the wrong way down an on-ramp, over the top of a grey nomad standing in the middle of the road trying to flag him down, over his deckchair, over his Webber Baby-Q, over his little solar panel, over his crushable leather hat and over his 14-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Potplant.

And with a great splash, Clive and his Merc hit the water. Clive’s forehead kissing the steering wheel at pace.

Three teams of paramedics treated him at the scene before they let him go off with a minder.

More to come.


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